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What equipment do you use?
We shoot with a Nikon D700 and Nikon D3. cameras, which are the 2 best you can buy. We also use, SB900 flashes (also the best) when needed along with umbrellas for extreme cases.

Do you shoot in RAW?
Yes, we do. There really is no other way...it's just that good.

Do you use Photoshop?
We do! Along with other programs. We like to do several versions of the same image. So, you may get a color, B&W, and vintage image. It's fun to get extras right?

How many images do you take in a typical wedding?
In a normal 8 hour wedding we take 4000-5000 images. We stay busy capturing all the details...no matter how small they may be.

How many do you typically edit?
Good question...anywhere from 500-1300 just depending on how "action packed" your wedding is. After we leave your wedding we rest first..... then we edit a handful so you can have a sneak peek. Then, we go through the difficult task of selecting our favorites. That's the 500-1300. We edit those and then send them off to you.

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